Best Mom-Minded Ads

By vitamin

Moms are a significant target audience for consumer brands. They represent a $2.4 trillion market and more often than not, they are the household decision makers and shoppers, so brands are constantly spending money on research and marketing to capture more of moms’ mind share and market share.

Being a mom is a full-time commitment that is rarely recognized, so genuine appreciation for their hard work, dedication and constant love truly resonates with moms. In the spirit of the upcoming Mother’s Day, we wanted to recognize the brands that have done the best job of showing moms the love they deserve and paying homage to them in their marketing campaigns. 

6. #MotherPieces – Coke Zero

Every mom deserves to be acknowledged on Mother’s Day. That’s why Coke Zero developed #MotherPieces, a social media campaign for people who forgot to get their mom a gift. Coke Zero asked guys to tweet their excuse using the hashtag #motherpieces, and the best submissions earned them a professional painting of a personal photo for their mom. Learn more.

5. It’s Not Complicated, Mother’s Day – AT&T

A spin on its popular #ItsNotComplicated ads, AT&T created a similar spot to recognize moms. The best part? The ad drove to a microsite where viewers could send personalized video cards to their own mothers. Watch the adorable ad, here.

4. Legacy – Dove

From its Real Beauty Sketches campaign to its #SpeakBeautiful campaign, Dove is known for shedding light on the beauty and body images challenges women face and encouraging women to appreciate themselves for who they are. Dove’s Legacy campaign showed moms the importance of appreciating themselves in order to be a “positive, body-confident role model” for their children. 

3. MVPs – NBA

Inspired from Kevin Durant’s moving MVP acceptance speech (which includes an ode to his mama starting at 23:30) a few days earlier, the NBA created a brief ad honoring moms as the true MVPs. Simple, sweet and captivating, this spot inspired people of all ages to reach out to their moms. 

2. The Unique Connection – Pandora

Nothing makes a mom happier than knowing that she and her children have a truly unique bond and this Pandora Jewelry ad shows off just how special each mom really is. In an interesting experiment, six moms stand in a line while their blindfolded children are asked to find their mothers by touch and familiarity alone. Watch the heartwarming experiment unfold, here.

And our number one mom-minded ad is …

1. #WorldsToughestJob – Cardstore

When Cardstore posted a job listing online for a Director of Operations position, it got 2.7M impressions from paid ad placements, but only 24 people actually inquired about the job. Watch their live interviews and find out why this ad made moms tear up across the world, here.

What’s your favorite mom-minded ad? Leave your comments below!

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