Catholic Charities – Website Redesign

Mobilizing a Mission


In recognition of 100 years of service to humanity, Catholic Charities continues to build on the non-profit’s legacy of cherishing the divine within us all. As the largest private human services provider in the state of Maryland, Catholic Charities is committed to adapting to the ever-changing needs of the community while expanding reach and impact for individuals and families.


Representing more than 80 programs at 200 locations, the former Catholic Charities website was a central hub of information, but it lacked navigational logic, distinction for the nonprofit’s widely varied audiences, and brand unification. Moreover, Catholic Charities’ diverse programs – which sometimes offer similar or overlapping services – required a greater level of articulation to distinguish programs from each other. It was also critically important to educate and direct people in need to immediate assistance. Additionally, online users looking for ways to advance Catholic Charities’ mission required clearer paths to volunteer, donate, and take action.


Carefully planned content strategy coupled with reimagined UI/UX drove the website redesign. Vitamin led the full site remapping, as well as the re-categorization and renaming of programs into six key focus areas. These areas of focus became the foundation for the user journey, including persistent CTAs intended for quick “get help” access and encouraging site-wide user engagement. Our approach connected people in need with the right services, while also showing how complementary programs relate to and work independently of each other. Vitamin also leveraged the influence of personal stories to establish community significance and show the nonprofit’s real-world impact.


The new Catholic Charities website is the magnum opus of our long-standing partnership and the culmination of year-over-year momentum. It came at a time when the nonprofit marked its centennial along with several major initiatives, including two large-scale events. Vitamin’s impact on the evolution of the brand is captured throughout the new website and includes the principles of numerous previous (and some simultaneous) initiatives, including the tone, feel, and public relations for the Greater Promise capital campaign, phased microsite and ad campaigns for the Dragon Boat Races, the fully integrated engagement of the Comfort & Joy holiday campaign, and the call to action of the Hope is Just the Start end-of-year appeal.

Purpose-driven Journeys

Considering the user journey was critical to carving out the various paths within the website. Impactful stories align with each area of focus, providing compelling evidence of each program’s impact in the community.

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Action in Context

At various points throughout the site, calls to action to volunteer, donate, or get help are persistent. For mobile users, key navigation becomes centered on the page, creating enhanced immediacy.

Words Matter

The grouping of Catholic Charities’ varied services into clear areas of focus enables a site visitor to get a complete snapshot at a glance of the breadth of the non-profit’s programming. Labels such as “Achieving Independence” speak to the aspirational, hopeful nature of Catholic Charities’  work and mission rather than language that could be perceived as a limitation.

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