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KlariVis team members consulting with a bank.


Vitamin’s Financial Services Portfolio Continues to Grow with Addition of KlariVis SaaS Product


BaltimoreVitamin®, a leading digital-first integrated marketing agency celebrating its 20th anniversary, recently completed a website overhaul for KlariVis®, a rapidly-growing SaaS provider. KlariVis continues to experience substantial year-over-year client growth, emphasizing its significant impact on the community banking industry.

Created by veteran banking executives, KlariVis delivers clear, centralized data analytics for regional and community banking institutions. The platform centralizes fragmented high-value data from a bank’s core and ancillary systems into interactive self-service dashboards and reports that drive profitability and improve productivity at every level of the organization.

KlariVis’ decision to collaborate with Vitamin was influenced by the agency’s proven track record in the financial services industry. Vitamin’s expertise aimed to craft a website focused on providing brand differentiation, and positioning KlariVis as the go-to partner for financial institutions seeking data-driven solutions.

Vitamin was tasked with creating an on-brand website look-feel and content/messaging, as well as retooling the user journey to funnel visitors to the software demo. The new design vividly showcases KlariVis as a unique fintech SaaS solution, addressing the common challenges banks face aggregating data across their disparate systems to gather vital performance insights. KlariVis’ software is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with a broad spectrum of bank cores and ancillary systems, making it the perfect addition to any bank’s tech stack.

“Before KlariVis, community banks had to navigate endless concessions and workarounds to centralize data across their ecosystem, but this product is a true game-changer,” says Vitamin VP of Creative & UX Cory Magin. “The challenge for Vitamin was to quickly illustrate how truly comprehensive and seamless the KlariVIs platform is, while articulating that to a potentially skeptical audience that has already encountered many half-baked options in the past.”

Vitamin’s strategy was to show the uniquely holistic vantage point that KlariVis provides to all levels of banking institutions. The features were framed from a 360-degree view, so the user understands that accurate data accessibility is not just critical for board meetings and executive reviews, but also across all departments within the bank.

“Vitamin’s expertise and creative approach has truly revamped our digital presence,” says Erica Starr, Chief Marketing Officer of KlariVis. “Our revamped website beautifully encapsulates our identity and effectively communicates our commitment to empowering community banks through data analytics.”

Visitors to KlariVis’ new site can effortlessly explore the 360-degree benefits, whether the user is an executive, part of the sales or lending team, or digital banking manager. Testimonial videos from existing clients provide prospects with validation and evidence that KlariVis is a solution that can relieve the burden of tedious data aggregation, allowing bank leadership to focus on growth and moving their organization forward.

“This is something community banks have always needed and never had before. The outcome is to simply become a better bank for their customers,” adds Magin. “Once bankers understand this is possible, the platform sells itself and it becomes more a conversation of “‘How can we not have this?”

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About Vitamin®

Celebrating 20 years as the “Cure for the Common Brand®,” Vitamin is known for creating deeply branded, precisely executed, highly effective, and budget-conscious integrated marketing campaigns in close collaboration with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Vitamin has assembled an exceptional team who leverage the experience and expertise of a large agency with the attention to detail and complete integration only a boutique can offer. Vitamin is headquartered in Baltimore, Md. and located at the gateway to the historic Federal Hill neighborhood. More at and on social @vitaminisgood.

About KlariVis®

Created by veteran community bank executives, KlariVis enables banks of any size to accelerate growth by leveraging the data that is locked in its siloed banking systems. Developed on a modern technology stack, KlariVis lets banks see data in a way that empowers their teams and customers to live and work better. With the time saved on analysis, banks can put their new insights to work towards building a better organization. To learn more, please visit

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