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Vitamin Showcases Nonprofit Client’s Ongoing DEI Dedication

Vitamin Admin

Since 1981, long-time Vitamin client Penn-Mar Man Services has been committed to the inclusion and equity of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) across Maryland and Pennsylvania, and every program and service they offer is performed with that mission in mind. As July 2023 brought about Disability Pride Month, Vitamin saw an excellent opportunity to share and promote Penn-Mar’s message of inclusion with local media.

Vitamin reached out to close media contact John-John Williams IV, the Baltimore Banner’s dedicated DEI reporter, to share Penn-Mar’s devotion to inclusion across the region. The larger discussion of DEI can often omit the disabled community, particularly people with an IDD, and Penn-Mar’s message actively looks to correct that oversight. Vitamin pitched John-John with details of Penn-Mar’s ongoing work, and offered an exclusive interview with Penn-Mar CEO Greg Miller.

The resulting article and Q&A featured an in-depth look into the DEI work Penn-Mar does for the IDD community, and internally to enhance it’s own culture as well. Most of all, a new audience was able to learn about Penn-Mar, the ongoing equity challenges for disabled persons, and what the public can do to be advocates for change.

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