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Vitamin Secures BBJ “Viewpoint” for Long-Time Client

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In July 2023, the Baltimore Business Journal published a multi-issue series about Mergers and Acquisitions, with the first story focused on the trend by some regional accounting firms to turn to M&As when faced with workforce shortages, or if they do not have a solid succession plan. After reading the article, Vitamin’s team saw a tremendous opportunity to have one of our most valued clients provide an insightful and helpful rebuttal.

As a leader in the Baltimore accounting industry, long-time Vitamin client Ellin & Tucker has made a commitment to corporate culture, work-life balance, employee development, and clear paths toward leadership. We discussed the idea for an op-ed in the BBJ’s “Viewpoint” section, written by Ellin & Tucker CEO Aileen Eskildsen, who herself has been instrumental in the firm’s employee-centered culture.

Ellin and Tucket's Aileen Eskildsen

Vitamin worked with our close editorial contacts at the BBJ to secure the op-ed and lay out exactly why the media outlet’s readers would find Aileen’s expertise so beneficial. Aileen gave readers a chance to realize a new way to attract new employees and retain existing ones, while forging a leadership path that could lay the foundation for a lasting succession plan. Aileen shared her insights into the ongoing workforce challenges and employee retention while providing a plan for business leaders to strengthen their companies through a dedicated team culture, instead of turning to M&As as the only viable alternative.

You can read Aileen’s op-ed at the Baltimore Business Journal*.

*Subscription may be required.

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