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Vitamin Brings Personality and Superior UX to Nation’s Fastest-Growing Energy Comparison Platform


Power Target Gets New Website and Brand Refresh to Heighten Brand Difference and Identity

Baltimore, Md.Vitamin®, a leading digital-first integrated marketing agency, announced today the completion and debut of a new website and brand refresh for Power Target, the nation’s largest and fastest growing energy comparison shopping platform. Power Target partners with energy companies, real estate and financial services professionals to create solutions that enable consumers to compare rates and sign on for predictable monthly energy plans. Power Target also owns and operates and who leverage Power Target’s scalable and customizable platform to directly reach consumers. To date, over 200,000 U.S. consumers have switched energy providers using Power Target’s platform and the company has nearly 2000 customer reviews rated as “excellent.”

Vitamin’s work went beyond simply creating a new website. Vitamin’s team started by transforming what is, by nature, a purely digital and faceless product into a tangible service that showcases personality and identity, establishing a connection with prospective B2B partners and potential employees. The agency built an improved user experience that quickly engages end users through visualization of the brand through custom graphics, large data points, and a seamless flow of information. The new site clearly illustrates the innate value of Power Target’s features in a way that is both engaging and differentiating, with branded illustrations and data that naturally cascades as visitors scroll down.

The result is a coherent and frictionless online experience that allows B2B prospects to easily gather necessary information, understand Power Target’s advantages, and quickly sign up.

“The previous site lacked visual interest, a dedicated call to action, and was not well optimized for conversion,” says Mike Karfakis, founder of Vitamin. “Now, Power Target is presented much like a SaaS product, with a look and feel that personifies the brand and service in a manner that is fresh, engaging, and data-driven. The user interface design leverages white space, with infographics and custom support art illustrations strategically integrated to make it easy to digest the data, with a UX that is set up to be light, cool, and welcoming. The wayfinding naturally and quickly allows users to progress from an interested prospect, to a new business lead.”

Vitamin also provided a brand refresh with an updated logo and a vibrant green color palette across the site. The green subtly reflects Power Target’s ability to help consumers find sustainable energy options that can reduce their carbon footprint. Site visitors are treated to a forward-thinking interface that speaks to all potential customer personas. As a result, Power Target visitors enjoy an instant comfort level and understanding of the platform’s advantages.

“Our new site has the ability to convert prospects into clients at the first point of contact,” says Power Target VP of Growth Marketing, Adam Cain. “The distinct benefits of our technology are perfectly articulated, and visitors to the site can instantly see how Power Target’s patented platform is the right choice for their own business goals and, ultimately, how it will help more consumers take charge of their energy needs. Thanks in great part to Vitamin, even more people can now make better energy decisions.”

About Vitamin®
Celebrating 20 years as the “Cure for the Common Brand®,” Vitamin is known for creating deeply branded, precisely executed, highly effective, and budget-conscious integrated marketing campaigns in close collaboration with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Vitamin has assembled an exceptional team who leverage the experience and expertise of a large agency with the attention to detail and complete integration only a boutique can offer. Vitamin is headquartered in Baltimore, Md. and located at the gateway to the historic Federal Hill neighborhood. More at and on social @vitaminisgood.

About Power Target
Headquartered in Millersville, Md., Power Target is the leading and fastest-growing energy comparison shopping platform in the U.S., helping consumers save money and make more sustainable energy choices by taking advantage of competitive electricity offerings. Professionals in the energy, real estate, and consumer and financial education sectors utilize Power Target’s fully scalable and customizable platform for their own unique websites, offering the cleanest, most consistent user experience possible. By partnering with 35 U.S. energy companies, Power Target provides the most up-to-date energy rates, allowing end users to make well-informed and educated decisions about their energy provider. Power Target also owns and operates and Learn more at

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