10 Creative Marketing Ideas for Banks

Marketing is an opportunity to connect with your customers, keep your bank top-of-mind and HAVE FUN while doing it. So Bankers, this one is for you! Check out these 10 creative bank marketing ideas that you may not have thought of.

  1. Maximize your unique resources: ATMs! Most other industries don’t have something as functional and highly-used as an ATM so take advantage of it! Extend your marketing efforts by showing your commercials and online videos on your ATM machines whenever a customer tries to make a transaction.
  2. Bank receipts: Most people hate receipts – except for when it comes to getting an update on their bank statement. So host giveaways and contests and offer promotions on your receipt. Fun interaction encourages people to come back for a repeat visit and you can use your giveaways / contests to drive customers to your web site or to pick up the phone and call a branch.
  3. Tellers: Never forget about your tellers. Employees are in the best position to act as a brand advocate for any company (assuming you treat them well!). So highlight them on social media and in your customer emails – that’s a great way to showcase your employee talent and simultaneously drive people in-branch. Consider featuring a “Teller of the Month” and highlighting their great accomplishments. Appreciating your tellers and keeping them fully involved in your marketing efforts will help spread key messages and do wonders for employee morale.
  4. Highlight success stories: A genuine third-party endorsement is far more valuable than a self-promotional ad – and who better to endorse you than your existing customers? Identify some of your biggest customers or your customers with the most unique stories and interview them about their experience with your bank. Tell the story in a creative way and seed it on your web site, in advertising and in your HTML emails to new business prospects. Need an example? Check out the success stories we put together for Hamilton Bank.
  5. Partner with colleges & universities: Having a strong presence on a college campus is a great way to get new bankers while they’re young and finances are top-of-mind. Think about it — students are finally becoming financially responsible for themselves. By locking them in early, you have a good chance of keeping them. Get ATMs set up on nearby campuses, attend on-campus business fairs, sponsor popular organizations’ events and keep your bank visible.
  6. Develop strategic partnerships: Pushing a specific product like mortgage loans? You don’t have to do all the work yourself. Partner with a real estate agency that is willing to recommend your services or display your print materials at open houses. Focusing on auto loans? Reach out to local car dealerships and see how you can work together.
  7. Take it outside: Banks are expected to play by the rules and color inside the lines – but when it comes to marketing, this is your opportunity to step outside of the box. Try some guerrilla marketing or eye-catching billboards that show some personality. Check out this unique bus wrap PFCU did. The messaging definitely helped them standout.
  8. Flash Mob: Let’s face it; talking about finances 24/7 can get mundane. So how do you keep your bank relevant and stand out amongst the competition? Have a little fun. Flash mobs are a great way to reach a large audience and a younger audience. Check out what Wells Fargo did in Times Square.
  9. Branch marketing: Whatever you do, don’t forget about your branches – they offer a good amount of space for marketing. Putting high impact signs or posters on the doors, windows and in the parking lot is a great way to attract passersby who may not already be customers.
  10. Keep it interactive: We live in a digital age where people want to be stimulated all the time. A lot of banks fall victim to antiquity and forget to keep up with the times. Make sure everything you do is interactive and highly impactful. Consider installing video screens in your branches that play your commercials and success stories; hosting contests and games in your mobile app; offering rewards for FourSquare check-ins at your branches; or hosting webinars / podcasts on financial responsibility topics.

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