5 Marketing Campaigns We’re Thankful For

By vitamin

The holidays are here and we’re ready to stuff our faces with turkey and take a few days off from work. But what’s Thanksgiving without reflecting on what you’re thankful for? As marketing professionals, we’re grateful for the incredibly creative ideas that inspire us to do our greatest work.

Check out this list of the marketing campaigns for which we are most thankful.

The Best Job In The World


Image courtesy of adsoftheworld.com

The Queensland Tourism board caused a worldwide stir after they posted an ad for “The Best Job in the World.” Promoting the ad through social media, the campaign received over 34,000 video entries from applicants in over 200 countries and more than 7 million visitors to the campaign site. One lucky winner was chosen, and still looks after the island to this day.

Why we’re thankful: The Queensland Tourism board proved that you don’t have to have a big company with a huge budget to make a splash in the advertising world. The campaign showed that competition and word-of-mouth are the keys to success, even if you’re a small fish in a big ocean.

Nationwide Spills Paint


Image courtesy of assets.creativity-online.com

Did you know that Nationwide’s “Life Comes at You Fast” campaign has been running for almost 10 years? At the start, this successful ad campaign literally painted Columbus, Ohio insurance customers a picture of life’s mishaps with a street art installation. The insurance company bought three billboards in downtown Columbus – two for a fake company called “Coop’s Paints” and one for the Nationwide slogan. The paint literally spills out of the billboard and across a parking lot (on top of fake cars, of course).

Why we’re thankful: The ad shows us that a lot of creativity in out of home installations and a strong tagline can really go a long way.

The Economist’s Bright Billboard


Image courtesy of theinspirationroom.com

This billboard for the weekly newspaper Economist has motion sensors that illuminate the ad’s gigantic 3-D light bulb whenever someone walks below it. We wonder what other bright ideas this campaign has helped spark …

Why we’re thankful: When ideas seem to get out of control, remember – simplicity is always a good idea.

I Will What I Want

Of course, we need to include one Baltimore company on our list! Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign featured Misty Copeland, a ballerina soloist who delivers a powerful ballet performance while a voice reads a rejection letter from a ballet academy she applied to as a young girl.

Why we’re thankful: This ad creatively told the story of an underdog who worked hard to overcome adversity. It goes beyond selling a product, inspiring viewers to act within their own lives to be better people.

Will Beats Noise

Ok, we’re going back to Under Armour for seconds. Shortly after the launch of their “I Will What I Want” campaign, Under Armour announced that they were signing supermodel Gisele Bundchen for their next advertisement. Naturally, there were mixed reactions to the fact that Gisele was not known for her athletic abilities but rather her supermodel image. In response, Gisele is featured kickboxing against a background of actual tweets from the “haters” reacting to the announcement.

Why we’re thankful: This is a great example of how a company can masterfully turn a negative public perception into a positive, impactful message.

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