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Vitamin Celebrates 20 Years as The “Cure for the Common Brand”

Vitamin Admin

For the Baltimore-Based Agency, Success Has Always Been About The Art

Baltimore – Since 2003, Vitamin®, a leading digital-first Baltimore-based integrated marketing agency, has experienced significant progression both in the sophistication of its clientele and the size and capabilities of its creative and account services teams. Through every stage of expansion, the main driver of the agency’s success has always been about the art: the art of nurturing long-lasting client partnerships, the art of crafting unique, differentiating campaigns, and the art of consistently delivering to meet client needs through any and all challenges.

Vitamin was born in a 150-square-foot row home basement in southeast Baltimore, taking business meetings at the kitchen table. But soon, the young agency’s exceptional work and professionalism fueled steady growth. Just six months later, Vitamin moved to a 500 square-feet maker’s space at the Atlantic Southwestern Broom Factory building at 3500 Boston St. Vitamin’s reputation began to grow and new clients followed, building an ever-expanding portfolio. In 2006, Vitamin purchased its first commercial space on Main Street at 3237 Eastern Ave in Baltimore’s Highlandtown neighborhood, where the company stayed for the next 14 years. During this time, Vitamin grew its design and account services teams, welcoming new public relations, creative, and development professionals.

In 2020, Vitamin expanded through the purchase of a 6,000 square-foot commercial space at 720 Light Street, on the corner of Key Highway and Light at the gateway to Federal Hill. After purchasing the four-level building, the new offices underwent a full renovation with the design, floor plan and fit out designed by the agency’s own creative team. The new location spoke to the agency’s goal of creating a space to promote a comfortable, pleasing environment for employees to focus, collaborate, and relax and the layout was crafted to spur greater employee collaboration and creativity. The building serves as a physical expression of the agency Vitamin had become, and the abilities of its now established team of directors who lead the charge on strategy and integration.

“It’s been an honor putting our ideas, creations and campaigns to work for our clients these past 20 years,” says Vitamin Founder Mike Karfakis “We have always been about the art, and we’re thankful our clients continue to trust us to execute our art in a manner that enables mutual growth and creativity.”

For Vitamin’s leadership team, growth has always been tied to the quality of work and strength of the collaboration with clients in need of big ideas and new opportunities for exciting projects requiring precision execution and measurable results.

“We’ve carefully assembled a dynamic team of seasoned veterans who consistently deliver,” says Vitamin VP of Creative & UX Cory Magin. “As we have evolved, it’s been our goal to assemble an A-Team that clients can rely on and trust. Through this team, we’ve forged partnerships where clients recognize and appreciate our high-quality approach and dedication to process resulting in art that performs for their brand. It is our clients who have made the past 20 years possible and for that, we are so very thankful.”

About Vitamin®
Celebrating 20 years as the “Cure for the Common Brand®,” Vitamin is known for creating deeply branded, precisely executed, highly effective, and budget-conscious integrated marketing campaigns in close collaboration with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Vitamin has assembled an exceptional team who leverage the experience and expertise of a large agency with the attention to detail and complete integration only a boutique can offer. Vitamin is headquartered in Baltimore, Md. and located at the gateway to the historic Federal Hill neighborhood. More on social @vitaminisgood.

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