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Living Organism is Vitamin’s blog for sharing thoughts on branding, public relations, web site and graphic design.

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SmartCEO Taps Hamilton Bank for Business Banking Advice

by Ashlene Larson on April 21, 2014

Our client, Hamilton Bank — expert on all things commercial banking — is providing thought leadership on the topic of "business banking" for SmartCEO throughout the year.

Get Patients to Read Your Healthcare Blog

by Nikki Bracy on April 10, 2014

Are you a healthcare marketer trying to increase the reach of your organization's blog within the patient community? Check out these tips.

Growing Creativity in the Workplace

by Ashlene Larson on April 4, 2014

Even those lucky enough to work in an open and creative environment can appreciate a little motivation to keep the imaginative spark alive. In honor of spring, here are some tips for growing creativity in the workplace.

Clues that it Might Be Time for a Brand Refresh

by Nikki Bracy on April 4, 2014

Making the decision to overhaul your brand is a big one - but in many cases it's necessary to the success and longevity of your company. Check out these 5 clues that it might be time for a brand refresh.

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

by Nikki Bracy on April 3, 2014

Sometimes the spring season gives you the itch to "spring clean" your whole life. Check out these 6 ways to give yourself a personal refresh.

5 Last Minute Office Pranks

by Steve Semanchik on March 31, 2014

The clock is ticking, but don't fear. There's still time for you to put together a last minute April Fools prank.

5 Tips For Working With Designers

by Steve Semanchik on March 24, 2014

Designers can be a finicky bunch. Always up on the latest Apple products or busting on people for their selection of Comic Sans as a useable font. Check out these quick tips for navigating the client-designer relationship.

The Last Logo Standing

by Steve Semanchik on March 19, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year … March Madness, but unlike most other brackets that get generated by judging on things like 'Talent' and 'Skill', this one values teams with the strongest athletics logos. Let the debate begin!