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Corporate identity design for Douron


The Douron mark is constructed from four half-circles. They are arranged in a manner that defines a “space” in the middle. The semi-circles represent the modular, diverse nature of Douron’s product lines and services. The mark also represents people coming together, possibly around a table. The logotype is a modern, friendly sans-serif that has been hand-rendered making the typeface as unique as the company it represents. We enhanced these elements with bright, fresh colors, creating a professional, contemporary brand mark.

About Douron

Douron is a leading, full-service commercial interiors dealership providing a dynamic array of furniture and architectural products to corporate, healthcare, educational and government facilities. From consultation, design, project management, delivery, installation, service and warranty, we can help no matter what your needs specify. Come tour our 30,000-square-foot showroom facility to see firsthand what we can do for you. Whether you are planning a purchase for yourself or for your client, our team will provide a more encompassing experience derived from over four decades of service. The result? Complete project coordination, reliable service and long-term solutions that we have stood behind since 1969.