Services: Web, WordPress integration and responsive web design

The Challenge

Hillis-Carnes is a multi-specialty geotechnical and geostructural engineering firm, whose web presence needed to reflect the tenure and high-end capabilities of their nearly 30 years experience in the field. Vitamin collaborated with Hillis-Carnes’ marketing department and C-level team to create a new website designed to stand out amongst their industry peers. The new site showcases their project portfolio while working to drive new business through way-finding that drills-down to calling, contacting and submitting information for new business.

The Solution

Vitamin developed a sleek and modern website, which is fully responsive and visually engaging across any viewing device. The new website is organized in to clearly illustrate the range of services Hillis-Carnes provides, and organizes the portfolio by market, so potential clients can easily navigate to relevant projects. A newly formatted blog was also introduced and the site enables Hillis-Carnes to add/edit/delete content throughout the site via an intuitive, streamlined WordPress administration system.

The Results

  • Significant increase in engagement in mobile device traffic
  • The SEO work Vitamin completed coupled with the SEO-rich web copy written by Vitamin has improved the firm’s ranking in search engine results
  • Hillis-Carnes is actively using the new site in the new business effort and the marketing team is evolving content on a monthly basis through use of the site’s content management system
  • The site is receiving one to three in-bound leads per week for qualified new business
Responsive website for Hillis-Carnes Engineering displayed on an iPad
Responsive website design for Hillis-Carnes displayed on an iPhone

Custom WordPress Marketing Site

A fully-responsive, custom WordPress site was built to showcase the Hillis-Carnes broad portfolio of work. The sleek, modern design is an embodiment of the who the company is, today. The SEO effort put into the project is performing to expectation and Hillis-Carnes is actively administering site content in-house through the site’s custom-built content management system.

See it in action

View Live Site
Responsive WordPress theme design for Hillis-Carnes Engineering

Custom Illustrated Icons

Custom icons were created for the various services provided by Hillis-Carnes. The icons create a recognizable visual key for users to navigate to their desired content. The page below gives the user a clear overview of services with short descriptions and links to more detailed pages.

Responsive WordPress theme design for Hillis-Carnes Engineering