Feldman, Fitzgerald & Choe

Services: Brand / Print / Web

The Feldman, Fitzgerald & Choe website embodies a contemporary, upscale and highly polished dental practice specializing in periodontal surgery and dental implants.

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Vitamin art-directed the shoot for this project in order to capture imagery that exudes the professional environment. The site is divided into clear, easy-to-view sections, making it easy for patients to navigate the site and digest the content. The warm, confident and direct messaging paired with stellar photography results in a clear picture of who the doctors are, what the space is like and the level of professionalism the firm brings. Vitamin designed FFC’s new brand identity to exude friendly professionalism. The large, modern typefaces and colors were chosen to reinforce that brand identity and increase the legibility of the site.

Brand identity design for Feldman, Fitzgerald and Choe
Business card design for Feldman, Fitzgerald and Choe
Feldman, Fitzgerald & Choe
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