Hamilton Bank ADA Compliancy

Services: ADA Compliancy Testing & Compatibility, Web Design, UI/UX, Responsive Design

The Challenge

With ADA compliancy lawyers increasing their attacks on banks with websites that are not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Hamilton Bank came to Vitamin ready to proactively update its website to be ADA-compliant and mitigate risk for any potential lawsuits. Because there is no real ADA standard in place, Hamilton Bank needed a strategic partner who could successfully navigate this complex landscape and develop a high quality, compliant site.

The Solution

Together, Vitamin and Hamilton Bank developed a comprehensive Level AA compliant website. Key to bringing the website into compliance was addressing the following five major components: color, content, calls-to-action, imagery and testing.

Vitamin improved the color contrast to meet Level AA compliancy standards, which requires a ratio of 4.5 : 1. Throughout the site, we darkened the background colors in order to make the text stand out more and be more legible to visitors with visual impairments. [Figure 1.1]

From a content perspective, Vitamin added a “skip to main content” functionality so that visually impaired users can easily bypass repeated navigation on each page and jump right to the meat of the content. [Figure 1.2]

Vitamin worked with Hamilton Bank to update the site images so that they were in compliance. Vitamin also carefully crafted alt text tags for each image throughout the site so that search engines and disabled visitors are able to easily determine image content and context. [Figure 1.3]

In order for a site to be ADA compliant, all calls-to-action need to provide “adequate context” so that disabled visitors can easily understand what they’re clicking on. Vitamin retooled all button text to be more clear, descriptive and action oriented. [Figures 1.4 & 1.5]

Once all of the changes were incorporated, Vitamin completed repeated, thorough accessibility testing over a one-month period. We leveraged multiple ADA compliancy scanning tools including:

  • WAVE by WebAIM — a baseline service that provides top-level scanning and reporting
  • Siteimprove — an in-depth paid service that provides detailed scanning and reporting

Vitamin continues to conduct monthly scans in order to ensure that new content added to the site is in compliance.

The Result

Hamilton Bank’s website now passes Level AA ADA compliancy standards according to both the WAVE tool and the SiteImprove tool. See the ADA-compliant website in action.

ADA Compliancy Questions? Project to Discuss?

Contact Mike Karfakis by email or phone 410-732-6542.

Figure 1.1
ADA color swatches, before and after
Figure 1.2
ADA Skip To Main Content
Figure 1.3
Figure 1.4
Figure 1.5
ADA compliant button text.