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As one of the leading general contracting firms in the Washington, D.C. area, Potomac Construction provides the highest level of quality construction and guidance. Their expertise in restaurants, retail, banking, grocery, fitness, and hospitality ensures high-end interior renovations for unique commercial projects. With an exclusive approach to collaboration, they are poised to offer innovative results for owners, developers, architects, and landlords.


Potomac Construction was always certain in their identity as a full-service company, sized to deliver specialized service for specialty, service-oriented builds. However, it was essential that their professional differences be effectively communicated to their target audience. Therefore, Vitamin was tasked with showcasing the brand through web communications, brand messaging, and other marketing collateral. Because Potomac Construction was not in the market for a total rebrand, Vitamin’s strategy encompassed highlighting who they are with a more sophisticated delivery.


Communicating the ways in which Potomac Construction is different from their competitors required adopting the same level of finesse and insight that they provide for their clients. Vitamin centered the scalable, long lasting, and superb qualities of Potomac Construction’s work by employing interactive web channels and responsive design. With project descriptions, an intuitive news section, and refreshed content, Vitamin achieved enhanced SEO value to increase Potomac Construction’s reach and broadened their audience.


Vitamin designed a refreshed type treatment and mark for Potomac’s logo, bringing the company’s imprint into alignment with their updated web design. The design choices were made to embody the quality of Potomac’s portfolio. In addition, Vitamin integrated Google analytics for continuous insight of the patterns of their site’s visitors, which allows Potomac to develop a greater understanding of their current and potential clients.

Defining The Audience

It was essential that Potomac’s brand messaging speak directly to their audience of chefs, architects, managers, and owners. Therefore, the content and project types are simple to navigate and quickly digestible. For the services themselves, site visitors will be able to follow each phase of the process in order to find exactly where they are in the course of development.

Live Site

Responsive Design

The vast majority of internet users access the web via mobile devices. With that in mind and considering the on-the-go nature of the food service, retail, and hospitality sectors, the responsive design of Potomac’s website makes it ideal for mobile compatibility. Vitamin’s web development team also included a unique homepage and secondary page templates that Potomac Construction has the ability to edit on an ongoing basis.

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