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KLNB is an industry leader in commercial real estate. When it comes to professional guidance and marketplace expertise, they’ve set the standard. Building on 50 years of unrivaled success, KLNB continues to advance the industry through innovation and thought leadership.


Alongside showcasing their expertise, the KLNB website must also serve as the home to their expansive portfolio. It includes properties throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including retail, office, industrial, flex, and land. Keeping the user experience and functionality at the top of mind, we were challenged to present the properties in a way that’s easily digestible and enhances the way users interact with the site, bringing more relevance and control to their experiene.


A big part of KLNB’s business approach is providing access to their comprehensive knowledge of the commercial real estate marketplace. It’s one thing to say that you are an industry expert and it’s another thing to put that expertise on display. However, offering the ability for potential clients to see that proficiency in action is really what tips the scale when it comes to building professional confidence. Putting the power of the search in the user’s hands ticked several boxes for us, including enhancing user experience and efficiency.


The property search feature on KLNB’s website, like the language says, puts your interests first. It sits alongside the top navigation bar, making it incredibly accessible. Not only can you use a keyword to search, but you can also filter results based on one of their property types, location, and other descriptors. In addition to making the properties easy to find, once opened, users can also see a complete profile of each project, providing all relevant details, including which broker to contact.

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While interacting with the property search tool, users have complete control of their journey. The various search options allow for either broader exploration or very specific inquiry. Choose between the keyword search, filters, or interactive map.

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In addition to enhancing the user experience, the key benefit of the property search feature is lead generation. Once inside a property details page, users have complete access to download a brochure, contact the broker directly, or find a list of principals associated with the project.

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