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Making Room for Hope


As Baltimore’s only community-owned medical center, GBMC is dedicated to continuously meeting the ever-evolving needs of people in the greater metropolitan area. With the launch of The Promise Project, GBMC intends to build on that commitment with new facilities and more holistic patient care.


Fundraising of any amount is always an ambitious task; and as a community-owned medical center, relying primarily on public generosity requires a sophisticated level of preparedness, organization, and strategy. With the goal of raising $50 million over five years, GBMC cut the ribbon on two new facilities – a new inpatient facility and The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Pavilion, which will house the Cancer Institute. To provide upgraded technology, family lounges, and comprehensive services, these new spaces will place an emphasis on comfort and experience to aid in healing.


GBMC partnered with Vitamin to establish a comprehensive communications strategy that included the design and development of the microsite, At the center of the strategy was the objective to appeal to a wide audience through the use of multiple levels of engagement. Our team developed print marketing materials for a direct mail campaign as well as the case for support design, billboards, signage, and animation. The Promise Project also leveraged earned media, digital ads, programmatic video, and paid search engine marketing and social media. 


The highly informative and easily navigable microsite guides the community directly to the heart of The Promise Project messaging– Creating space for you and your loved ones. The intention to drive awareness rather than simply to raise funds was crucial to the strategy of appealing to the compassion within everyone, which we found to be more inspiring than the average fundraising campaign. At the time of the groundbreaking in September 2021, The Promise Project had already raised $37.8 million of its $50 million goal. 

Campaign Strategy & Dedicated Website

Vitamin developed an emotional, relatable tone for the campaign, connecting the concept of emotional space for healing with that of a physical space required for critical care. Vitamin designed and delivered a suite of marketing materials to support and promote the goals of The Promise Project, including the microsite, billboards, event banners, and environmental signage to live within GBMC. With the use of a 360-degree camera, we were able to fully capture the experience of being inside their state-of-the-art rooms on the landing page.

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Color Scheme and Style Guide

The face of The Promise Project received its own dedicated style guide, which featured a slight logo adjustment and color story. These updates created an independent identity that exists within and coordinates with the overarching GBMC branding.

TV Spot & Visual Storytelling

Vitamin found that the most comprehensive way to elicit an emotional response and illustrate the impact of GBMC’s modernized facilities was through video and animation. Vitamin scripted a tv spot, voiceover, and created branded motion graphics in-house to accompany footage filmed by GBMC’s in-house production team. All campaign messaging was anchored on a call for the community to “Become Part of The Promise”.

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