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Much More Than The Numbers


Ellin & Tucker is more than an ordinary accounting firm. They are a strategic partner, a counselor and an advocate. Ellin & Tucker remains by your side. Vitamin branded these attributes as “In The Room.” The In The Room campaign depicts Ellin & Tucker by the client’s side, delivering expert perspective for each moment, large or small.


Ellin & Tucker needed to modernize their web presence and interweave the 2019 “In The Room” ad campaign into a comprehensive website that fully embraced the themes of the ads and showcased what makes the accounting firm so different. The firm’s previous website was no longer reflective of the energy and sophistication of who Ellin & Tucker is and the caliber of clients and talent they need to attract to the firm.


It all started with the content strategy. Vitamin crafted a content strategy enabling visitors to explore Ellin & Tucker’s near 75 years of experience from a number of dimensions. For those interested in relevant industry experience, or seeking a specific service or capability, there are obvious journeys for each. In either case, the content is structured to cross-reference industry expertise and unparalleled service knowledge.


The website has become the central hub for Ellin & Tucker’s marketing strategy. Enabling Ellin & Tucker to fully integrate its marketing and communications efforts, delivering a cohesive, singular message across traditional advertising, digital, and public relations channels. The new site design is sophisticated, forward thinking, and exemplifies the culture of the firm to attract both prospective clients and employees alike.

Bringing “In the Room” to Life

The new Ellin & Tucker website was designed to bring the firm’s core difference of “In the Room” to life in an experiential way through every facet of the site. From animated storytelling to intuitive wayfinding, the site is meant to guide with same level of intention and care that clients experience when partnering with Ellin & Tucker.

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Unparalleled Knowledge

Ellin & Tucker develops lasting partnerships with their clients by offering far more than accounting. They have a unique ability to provide expert counsel when their clients need it most. This ability comes from the unparalleled knowledge of their staff. A dedicated Services section of the site outlines all of their core capabilities but more importantly, these services are highlighted throughout the site experience based on relevant industry or news content.

Diverse Industry Expertise

Ellin & Tucker wins their clients over not just with the thoroughness and knowledge of their experts, but with the depth of their vertical expertise. The new website content strategy is heavily oriented around the firm’s core areas of expertise. Relevant thought leadership and services content is carefully curated and cross-referenced throughout each area of expertise.

Insights & Thought Leadership

The website features a very robust “Insights” section that aggregates videos, webinars, and thought leadership pieces from Ellin & Tucker experts. The section enables site visitors to filter through the extensive library by a number of categories and dynamically serves up related content based on the category. Individual Insight articles are highlighted throughout the site as supporting content to substantiate relevance and expertise.

Dynamic Recruitment Vehicle

The website is not only a catalyst for business development, but is also a powerful tool for recruitment as Ellin & Tucker is a growing firm. The site is full of rich photography of team members working together to help paint the picture of the collaborative, hard-working, family, corporate culture that the firm enjoys.

Lead Segmentation

Throughout the site are opportunities for prospects to start a conversation with the firm or sign up for one or more of Ellin & Tucker’s newsletters geared very specifically to key industries. This lead segmentation strategy is fully automated and enables Ellin & Tucker to message in an extremely targeted and strategic way to prospects who have expressed interest throughout the website.

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