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Vitamin® Featured in WYPR’s Award-Winning Show “Out of the Blocks”


Participation Showcases Agency’s Commitment to Authentic Communications

Baltimore, Md. – Vitamin®, a leading digital-first integrated marketing agency, took part in an episode of the WYPR 88.1 FM radio series “Out of the Blocks”, a Baltimore-based production that examines enclaves and neighborhoods around the city (and nation) by only focusing on a few city blocks of randomly-selected streets at one time. Vitamin, located on the 3200-block of Eastern Avenue in Baltimore’s Highlandtown neighborhood, was eager to be part of the hit show, and participate in a program that uses traditional media in a way that transcends generations and backgrounds. The episode debuted on November 8, 2019 and can be heard at, here.

“As communicators, we’re committed to finding authentic ways to make a connection with people,” says Vitamin president and CEO Amanda Karfakis who was interviewed for the episode. “WYPR has cultivated a program that shares honest, unbiased stories that resonate on a very deep level. There are no tricks, no pretenses, no gimmicks. It’s as genuine as storytelling gets, which is why it has become so popular and why, when the producers knocked on our door, we were eager and humbled to participate.”

“Out of the Blocks” is co-produced by Aaron Henkin and Wendel Patrick, with Dam Samuels tackling field producer duties for the episode. The series was launched as a special edition of WYPR’s onetime program “The Signal” and has since become a stand-alone show, airing since October 2015 and described as “a tapestry of stories hidden in plain sight.” As Henkin and Patrick pulled back the curtains of Baltimore’s lesser-known areas, he helped the city feel more connected and understand the common threads that bind everyone together. The show’s popularity soon grew, even expanding the storytelling theme by traveling to cities and towns as far away as Juno, Alaska. But no matter the locale, each episode delivers a robust connection between the audience and the message.

Vitamin’s Director of Communications, Roger Mecca was also interviewed for the episode, which includes residents, merchants, and shopkeepers from the neighboring homes and businesses around the agency’s studio. He says the show is the epitome of outstanding public relations and communications.

“The goal of any PR professional is to establish a connection, something that makes people stop what they’re doing and invest themselves in the message,” says Mecca. “The show’s concept is actually very simple, but that’s often where you find the most success. Today, the public is bombarded with content, but if the message, and story, are truly engaging, the product becomes irresistible. Like Aaron and Wendel, we strive to create connections every day in our work, and appreciate what they’ve been able to do – simply by being as authentic as one can be. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Like “Out of the Blocks”, Vitamin has experienced exceptional growth in the past year, hiring top talent for both the firm’s design, development and account services teams, while retaining and growing long-standing client relationships and welcoming new ones from a wide range of industries. And also like the series, Vitamin’s leadership team maintains the same ideals, commitment, and approach that have led to their success.

“As you grow and achieve, there can be a tendency to stray from the things that got you to this point,” adds Karfakis. “But it’s usually those basic tenants that get you to the destination. Aaron and Wendel’s approach has stayed the same and as a result, the show has become even more popular, allowing them to meet even more people, share more stories, and to keep offering audiences new viewpoints. We all have a story to tell, you just need the right team, whether from an agency or radio show, to help share it with the world.”

About Vitamin®
Vitamin® ( is the “Cure for the Common Brand®,” a full-service, digital-first agency providing clients with high-quality, process-driven deliverables within the disciplines of branding, website design and development, SEO/SEM, media & advertising, print, public relations, and social media. Founded in 2002, the Baltimore-based agency specializes in integrated, deeply-branded experiences that define clients and bring their unique differences to life with a focus on inbound lead generation and lead nurturing. Vertical expertise includes banking, built environment, commercial real estate, financial services, healthcare & human services, manufacturing and non-profit market sectors. Vitamin is a certified MBE/DBE/SBE by the Maryland DOT.


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