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Team Culture

At Vitamin, you get the best of all worlds.

We work hard and play hard.

Combine Baltimore’s determined work ethic with New York City’s creativity, San Francisco’s ingenuity and SoCal’s chill vibe — and that’s us. Here, you can feel that something big is happening for our clients, and that drives us to grow artistically and technically.

We don’t want to do what we did yesterday, so we are intentionally forward-thinking, sophisticated and modern in our approach. Creativity in all areas is encouraged, including self-expression and problem solving. As for the vibe? We’re professional, no doubt, but we’re also a lot of fun. Visit our office and you’ll enjoy a welcoming, creative studio; you’ll hear music playing through the speakers; and you’ll be greeted by a chatty German Shepherd.

We collaborate with our clients to achieve great things for their businesses, and we do the same thing for our employees’ careers. Advancement is supported and we encourage our team members to pursue their professional interests. We also put a premium on the work/life balance. Make that the life/work balance. You’re a human. Not a robot.

… A robot would be cool though. Or an alien.

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