What We’ve Learned After 18 Months of Weekly Wellness

By vitamin

In May of 2015, Vitamin launched its own #WeeklyWellness program in response to the desire to increase productivity and promote healthy behaviors in the workplace. Since then, we’ve completed over 72 activities to promote mental and physical wellness – from completing a custom puzzle of our studio to exercising to old 80’s workout videos, we’ve learned a lot over these 18 months.

We’ve discovered that outside of feeling healthier and happier, there were some unexpected benefits of the program. Here are the best lessons we learned from #WeeklyWellness.

1. We bonded.

Because of the way our studio is set up, our design team and our public relations / account teams have to trek up and down the stairs to see each other. To encourage a better camaraderie amongst our team, we made sure to incorporate weekly events that promoted office bonding. We found that the more ridiculous the activity, the closer we became – you really have to let your walls down when you’re racing across Patterson Park in a potato sack.

2. Our social media profiles got a boost.

Having fun, creative activities to do each week really spiced up our social media content. Our favorite content is obviously from our Plate Smash activity!

3. We became more connected to the community.

Baltimore is a great city full of diverse people and amazing stories. We made an effort to take walks throughout our neighborhood and it really paid off. We paid regular visits to Barb at the Corner Juice Bar and many of us still reap the benefits of her community garden filled with fresh tomatoes and flowers; we took a tour of Highlandtown Gallery and explored some incredible local artwork; and we stopped by Roof Top Hot, a rooftop garden, to learn about sustainable agriculture. Many of us frequent these local shops as a result and are supporting the small business movement.

4. Wellness programs are great for recruitment.

Whenever we’ve hosted events at our office or interviewed potential candidates, we’ve always received praise for our Weekly Wellness program. Even our clients are envious of the program! Having a Weekly Wellness program not only embodies the core of Vitamin culture, but is helping us attract great new talent.

5. When you step away from your desk for a few minutes each day, amazing things can happen.

Really amazing things.

Does your company have a wellness program? What are some of the activities you all participate in? Leave your comments below!

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