What Does Your Website Say About Your AEC Firm?

By Vitamin

It’s tempting to give your website the cold shoulder when things get hectic, but we challenge you to change the way you view the role your site plays at your architecture, engineering or construction firm. Think about it this way: a quality website is constantly working for you in the background. People who come across your site are making decisions about whether or not to pursue working with you, without you ever knowing they stopped by. The time you spend improving your site could soon come back to you as new business. When you wonder whether it’s worth investing time and resources into your site, keep these 3 things in mind:

1. Your website is a welcome mat for potential new business.

While a lot of new business in the AEC industry still comes from referrals and RFPs, these days, clients are more educated decision makers. They often do online research on prospective firms to make sure they have a full understanding of your capabilities, team and project experience. So it’s important that your website comes up high in relevant search results. And ask yourself: when leads come across your site, will they be drawn in or turned off? Well-designed site navigation and solid search engine optimization (SEO) will ensure that potential clients find your site and are able to locate the information they need right away.

2. Your website is a reflection of the quality of your work.

Visitors perceive the quality of your site as a reflection of the quality of work you produce. Having a highly visual, informative and responsive website that works across all platforms, will help present your firm as much more modern, professional and valuable. Make sure your site builds confidence within potential new clients about your ability to get the job done right. Take a look at whether or not your site is aesthetically pleasing and if it highlights your work and expertise in a way that you can be proud of.

3. Your project experience is key.

Prospective clients want to know that your firm can handle their project. Healthcare organizations looking for a new construction firm to help them build a new facility, want to know that you understand the legal, logistical and patient-specific requirements of healthcare spaces. Companies looking for commissioning work want to know that you’ve completed successful commissioning projects for similar businesses. Your website is the best place to showcase those experiences through an engaging project portfolio. A well-designed project portfolio adds clout to your firm and will help you generate client interest on your website.

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