Vitamin’s Top 5 Ads of 2015

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Vitamin's Top 5 Ads of 2015

2015 was a fun year of advertising. We saw a puppy and owner bond in a hilarious Purina brand video; watched Microsoft and Apple play nice during the holidays; and saw Coca-Cola take a stance on bullying. But below is our list of our absolute favorite ads of the year. They were creative, engaging to watch and inspiring. Check ’em out below.

1. “The Story of Sarah & Juan” – Extra Gum

You have to applaud gum brands for keeping their ads interesting. We love this ad because it wasn’t your typical freshen-your-breath-so-you-can-get-kissed gum ad. The characters used the gum in a really creative way and told a sweet love story. Everyone loves a good love story – and you will too. Watch and see.


2. “Jamal Lyon’s Tran Ride” – Pepsi & Empire

Pepsi teamed up with the producers of Fox’s hit show Empire to integrate a Pepsi commercial into the plot of the show. They created a three-episode story line in which one of the characters wins an endorsement deal with Pepsi and his commercial is revealed at an event on the show. By incorporating the commercial into the plot line, Pepsi was able to access Empire’s 10 million+ viewers who might have otherwise changed the channel had the commercial just aired during a normal commercial break. We love how this ad creatively cut through the clutter and truly capitalized on the viewership of the hit show.


3. “Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers” – Disney Parks

Spreading joy is what Disney is all about and this ad is sure to bring a smile to your face. Disney characters journeyed to a New York mall to surprise and entertain passersby. We love how this ad is combined with a fun, brand-appropriate guerrilla stunt. Great way to capture genuine moments and use them to promote the brand.


4. “Peter Pan Reunion: It’s What You Do” – Geico

Geico is already known for its hilarious ads. Hump Day, anyone? But the best thing about Geico is that they always manage to keep it going. This Peter Pan Reunion ad is funny, timed perfectly and very well acted. We love how it capitalizes on a well-known character who never wants to grow up and manages to tie it to insurance.


5. “Slap Her” –

The innocence and openness of children will never get old. shed a light on domestic abuse against women – a longtime problem in Italy (where the company is based) – using the genuine reactions of children. We love it because it creatively addresses a serious issue that too many people are afraid to tackle.


What were you favorite ads of 2015?

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