Vitamin’s Take on Instagram’s Updates

By Vitamin

In contrast with parent company Facebook’s strategy for rolling out design updates gradually, on May 11th, Instagram rolled out a completely new look — all at once. The update has been a popular topic in the design community, and we couldn’t resist chiming in.

The new minimal app design is an evolution of subtracting rather than adding. The new pared back minimal design places more focus on photos and videos, and from a usability and functionality standpoint the new two-color user interface feels much cleaner. Every element has a clear purpose, and the increased emphasis on content was a smart move in our opinion.

The new app logo has been the biggest topic of conversation. While also minimal, the icon itself isn’t too far of a separation from its predecessor. The biggest disconnect here is the contrast between the icon’s loud gradient and the app’s minimal high contrast design. Interestingly, the updated web interface and blog make use of a black and white version of the updated logo while the mobile app icon seemingly screams “look at me!” Many designers have taken to the internet to show how they would have done things differently.


Vitamin’s Grades:

App Design Update: A

Logo Design Update: C

We think the treatment for the icons for Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse (which Instagram also updated) are much cleaner and more in line with the new minimal design used throughout the rest of the Instagram app.

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