Vitamin Presents: Living Organism

By vitamin

livingo-20051202Living Organism is an outlet for thoughts about branding and public relations. What you read is based on the experiences and observations of Vitamin, the design-marketing-PR firm based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our mission with Living Organism it to write articles focused on branding and PR that are objective (well…mostly objective), paving the way for our readers to think creatively, form questions, and spark lively debate. Put simply, our aim is to share with and learn from our clients, our colleagues, and the community.

In an ideal world, we’d love to update the site on a weekly basis. More realistically, expect updates on tri-weekly or monthly schedule. For daily reading, get a fix with our Quick Hitters — small snippets of joy we deem relevant under the branding and public relations umbrella.

Please read along. Agree. Disagree. Learn. Educate. And by all means, speak up and contribute!

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