Vitamin New Year Present

By vitamin

With the holiday season so busy, we decided to wait until 2013 to send gifts to special friends. Waiting until 2013 enabled us to avoid any awkward “holiday language” that dances around the specifics of religion. Instead, we were able to commit to the New Year message, thereby making this gift more meaningful and more personal to each person who received it.

We like to keep things local whenever possible so we chose Kinderhook Snacks, a Baltimore-based (start-up) snack maker as the main ingredient of the gift. We had Kinderhook deliver samples and we choose a delicious selection of cookies, shortbreads, glazed nuts, and crackers. They got to baking our order, and delivered the fresh snacks to our studio in Highlandtown.

Each package (pictured) was crafted and assembled by hand here at Vitamin. The seals and insert labels were designed and printed in-house, hand-trimmed, and carefully affixed to each box. Once all the boxes were labeled, packed with tissue paper and treats, we gift-wrapped the entire set. As a finishing touch, bows were created from measured lengths of white ribbon and tied around the boxes. Check out the pictures below to see how it all came together.

The duo of snack-making mavens (Katie + Marie) at Kinderhook were recently featured in a 2013 issue of Baltimore Magazine.

Open Box of SnacksClose Up of SnacksLabel DetailDetail of MessagingDetail of SealPicture of Wrapped PackagePicture of Wrapped Package with BowPicture of All the Packages Together

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