The Year of the Work Horse

By vitamin
Year of the Work Horse

We’re pretty serious about our coffee here at Vitamin. Our Rancilio espresso machine is probably the hardest worker in the office. So when it came time to brainstorm ideas for our holiday gifts, we couldn’t think of a better way to connect with everyone than sharing our most treasured of beverages. We didn’t want to just send out some prepackaged, rinky-dink gift-set, so we set to work creating a campaign as though it were any other project.

Year of the Work Horse

First phase: research and development. We looked into a variety of holiday options that could be used as a creative theme, but each was too targeted to specific religious holidays. There was a break-through however, when researching the traditional Chinese calendar. Since 2014 is the year of the horse, there was an opportunity to have some copywriting fun with the idea of an office “workhorse”, powering through projects after imbibing some outrageous caffeinated beverages.

Year of the Work Horse

Second phase: product selection. We decided that we would choose two of our favorite coffees along with a hot cocoa mix for the non-coffee drinkers to enjoy. Strategically chosen to elevate in potency, Moonstruck Hot Cocoa was our base, then Intelligentsia House Blend, which is a medium roast coffee, and Ceremony French Roast to round out the flavors with a dark roast.

Year of the Work Horse Year of the Work Horse

Third phase: design. We started to build out the design elements that would carry our workhorse mentality throughout the packaging. Inspiration was gathered from mechanical instruments, vintage manuals and industrial iconography. The messaging echoed the tone with descriptions for strength, best times for intake and fun cautionary warnings. At times, it felt as though we were designing ready-for-shelf consumer packaging with multiple calls-to-action and expressive taglines.

Year of the Work Horse gift1

For the exterior of the box, we wanted to do more than just the traditional ‘To:’ and ‘From:’. We felt this was a great opportunity to literally encase the box-set in our concept. The design was created to resemble old model car and erector-set packaging. Schematics, aerial views, and ridiculous naming conventions such ‘vaporized deliciousness’ were all used to give the design authenticity.

Final phase: packaging. Each box set was assembled by hand and a lot of care went into the production. The final piece consisted of three different design pieces that needed to be printed, scored, trimmed and adhered. It was definitely a team effort to assure quality control for each of the boxes. Spray-glue can get un-wieldy sometimes, and assembler Doug took the precautionary measures needed to keep his shoes from catching overspray (see below). Finally, our ideas were a reality. The holiday gifts were complete, packaged and after a few finishing touches, ready to go out the door.

boxes gift10

If you were a recipient of one of our Box O’ Energy holiday gifts we hope you enjoyed it – we certainly had a good time putting it together. Be sure to let us know how everything tasted and which coffee blend you liked the most. And if you know of a better roaster give us a shout; we’re always on the lookout for new brews!

To all friends of Vitamin, we’d like to wish you a productive and successful 2014. May it truly be the Year of the Workhorse.

pack1 pack3 Gift Set Interior


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