The Value of Instagram for B2B Brands

By vitamin

With over 400 million users, Instagram is a fantastic medium through which to reach new audiences and share visually appealing and creative content. Yet, many B2B brands shy away from Instagram because they don’t think it’s a valuable platform for their business.

Here are some of the reasons why your B2B business should have a #quality Instagram page.

1. Visual marketing is powerful

As marketers, we know how important visual marketing is – content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without relevant images. And Instagram is all about the visuals. Be sure that every picture you post is #instaworthy – if you wouldn’t print out your photo and frame it, don’t post it to Instagram.

2. It’s effective for businesses of all sizes

Small and large businesses alike face challenges promoting their products or services to a large audience. With Instagram, huge brand recognition can be just a few snapshots away. Quite a few unknown businesses have built their brand by creating well thought-out, creative Instagram pages – like Triangl, Daniel Wellington and Shredz. A strong account can make you #Instafamous.

3. It’s great for recruitment

Millennials in particular are constantly checking Instagram. By using the right hashtags and pictures, the perfect team member you’ve been looking for may easily find your company. Your Instagram page should be fun, inviting and reflective of your culture. Be sure to post content that makes recruits want to work for you.

4. You can humanize your brand

You can use Instagram to provide a glimpse into your business on a more personal level. We hear time and time again that our clients love our studio and our unique team. So we use our Instagram account to showcase our space and our personalities to a broader audience. We post photos of our fun internal activities, sights around Baltimore, high quality client work and behind-the-scenes content of photo shoots, interviews and events. Every business has its own personality, so utilize Instagram as a tool to show yours off!
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