The Love of Marketing from A to Z

By vitamin


26 things we love about our industry!

Adding value – We love being able to prove that we’ve added value to our clients’ marketing presence, internal culture or bottom line.

Successful Brainstorming – When you have a team that vibes well off of each other, you can almost see the sparks fly.

Celebrating other talented creatives – For true creatives, innovation doesn’t just start and end at work – it’s a way of life. Seeing what designers are doing in their spare time can serve as great inspiration.

“Many designers in our industry choose to spend a portion of their free time on their own projects. These people willingly spend their free hours creating, practicing and experimenting. I think it’s rare to see people so engaged with what they do, and more often than not the results are spectacular.” – Doug Hucker

Offering Differentiation – There are a lot of companies that offer similar products or services. Our job is to use marketing to set our clients apart from the competition in order to ultimately, drive sales.

“I enjoy the ability to take something – a product, a service – and wrap an aesthetic around it that embodies the value and difference the product or service brings.” – Mike Karfakis

Ever changing – The rules of communications are always changing and never set in stone. As a result, our jobs will never grow old. We love that there is always something innovative to test out, a different tactic to implement or a new way to do something that’s been done before.

Having Fun – The marketing industry is a lot of fun especially at an agency because you get to work on multiple clients and a variety of projects. Every day presents new ideas, new challenges and new opportunities for fun collaboration.

Guzzling really good coffee – With the unpredictable hours and fast-paced nature of agency life, you’ll almost always see a marketing professional with a hot cup of coffee in his or her hand. And while at Vitamin we don’t often work beyond our regular hours you can always hear the espresso machine grinding in our studio.

Attending team Huddles – We’re all about the internal status meetings. Before and after every meeting, it’s good to download with the team and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Constant Innovation – How many people can say that there’s a new tool created every second for their industry? We can! Between apps, technologies and social networks there are always new developments that can become delivery channels to incorporate into a client’s marketing plan.

Using industry Jargon – From the word “fodder” to the phrase “cutting through the clutter” we have some industry-wide sayings that get used and worn out … FAST.

“It’s really funny to laugh at ourselves as marketers — to ponder the vocabulary we use, to look back and reflect on things we’ve done and said over the years that make our stomachs turn now.” – Amanda Karfakis

Sharing Knowledge – Because the marketing industry is incredibly collaborative, there are frequent opportunities to share thought leadership and learn from others’ failures and successes.

“I love how knowledge is shared in the marketing communications industry. We’re constantly writing blog posts and new articles and talking about how we can
do our job better.”
– Zach Inscho

Last minute client asks – While they may seem inconvenient, they keep us on our toes and force us to push ourselves to meet all of our deadlines with efficacy.

Measuring ROI – Every client wants and deserves to know what they’re getting out of their marketing dollars. Measuring return on investment is an important part of our job – and it can be rewarding to analyze and quantify just how well a campaign is driving results.

Attending Networking events – Marketing professionals are the kings and queens of networking. Whether it’s a yummy breakfast, a fancy dinner or a fun cocktail hour, you can always catch us swapping business cards at an industry event. And we’re the ones who are actually enjoying interactions with new people.

Office laughs – From Take Out Tuesdays to our weekly team meetings, here at Vitamin we always make time in the office to bond and share laughs.

The People business – The world of marketing is where you’ll find all of the social butterflies from high school. This industry is all about meeting people, conversing with people and understanding people.

Quieting the competition – Launching a standout campaign that quiets conversation about the competition and has everyone focusing on our client’s brand? We’d call that time well spent!

Reinventing brands – Sometimes good brands go stale. Our job is to make them fresh again. We love to reinvigorate a brand with a strategic new look and purpose and watch it flourish again.

Developing Strategies – It may not sound fun – but it is! We look at clients’ business goals and figure out how to use our expertise to meet those goals.

Top dog access – Have you ever chatted with your favorite celebrity, a journalist at the New York Times or a producer at a major television show? We have! Building connections with some of media’s heavy hitters and getting access into exclusive territory are some of the perks of this industry.

Understanding consumer insights – The first step to creating a solid communications campaign is doing research into your target audience.

“A lot of successful marketing is thanks to the art of psychology – understanding your target audience, how they think and who they are. It’s interesting to delve into the minds of your consumers and craft a story that will really resonate with them.” – Nikki Bracy

Being a Vault of Information – Marketing professionals have to know what’s going on in society. And the talk of the town changes constantly. Whether it’s the destruction of Hurricane Sandy or Miley Cyrus’ raunchy VMA performance – we’re of the most value to our clients when we know who’s who and what’s what. There is almost always an opportunity for a client to join a hot topic conversation. Just look at Oreo’s clever Superbowl tweet.

Wearing multiple hats – Most marketing professionals have to juggle multiple duties on a daily basis: we’re creatives, business managers, strong speakers, problem solvers, media mavens, tech experts and more. How many people can say their job allows them to be so multi-faceted?

Providing eXceptional client service – It’s rewarding to deliver high quality work and build long lasting relationships with clients. Vitamin especially, prides itself on that.

Not being “Yes” men – A lot of agencies think they have to say “yes” to every client request. But true, value-adding marketing agencies operate as client partners, not vendors. We agree to do projects that are in the best interest of the client and make sense with it’s long-term goals – not just things that are “fun” or that everybody else is doing. We take pride in our ability to manage client expectations and turnaround quality, thoughtful work … without exhausting internal resources.

Zesty personalities – No matter where you practice communications, in this industry, you’re bound to meet some unique people!

What do you love about your job?

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