Sonic Branding Defined

By vitamin
Sonic Branding

You know that noise an Apple computer makes when it starts up? That glorious symphonic chime? Every Apple computer has it. This is a shining example of “sonic branding.” That single sound alone tells everyone around you that there is an Apple computer near by, and they never even have to see it. Now AT&T wants to launch a similar branding campaign across all of their mobile devices, regardless of manufacturer. The company has been slowly implementing a slew of new, standardized auditory cues since April, 2012.

Man Made Music, the firm behind the “sonic rebrand” is designing the sounds to match a sonic logo and anthem they created specifically for AT&T. Joel Beckerman, founder of Man Made Music, says that sound is the “…cayenne pepper in the sauce. If you put just enough in, then it’s a fantastic experience. If you put in a little too much, then all the sudden the sauce is just awful.” So next time your use your smartphone, or boot up your computer, think about what you’re hearing. It is just as integral to the brand experience as the way a product looks, feels, and functions. “DING! You are now free to move about the county.”

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