Say Goodbye to the Adobe Creative Suite

By vitamin

creative-cloudMost, if not all design and advertising firms religiously use the the Adobe Creative Suite in their day-today operations, and most, if not all of these companies will at some point upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Creative Suite. Sure, some of them may sit on a perfectly good, older version for a few years, upgrading only out of necessity, but others are adamant about being up-to-speed and constantly purchase updates.

Well, good news (or not so good news, it depends on your point of view). All of that upgrading/not upgrading is about to come to an end. Adobe recently announced that there would be no Creative Suite 7. From now on, all upgrades and improvements to their software will only be available through the Creative Cloud, Adobe’s subscription-based service. This has caused a maelstrom of debate among creative types.

Here’s a quick list of pros and cons.


  • Faster, more consistent upgrades and iterations of the software
  • For some studios, the CC may be more cost efficient
  • Customers will have access to all programs Adobe has to offer


  • Customers will be forced to endlessly pay for access to Adobe products
  • Access for people/studios on a budget will become limited or possibly out of reach
  • Access to new tools or programs may result in a higher subscription fee
  • If a subscription expires the user is locked out of the software
  • For some studios/designers, the CC may result in greater cost over time

Are you an Adobe user? Let us know what you think about the Creative Cloud in the comments below.

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