Saint Agnes Hospital Launches Smarthealth™ Web Site

By vitamin

Saint Agnes Hospital, a recognized leader in the fight against obesity, recently launched a new program called smarthealth™, the first multi-disciplinary approach to diet, exercise, lifestyle and mindset. A key component of the program is a web site,, which tracks food and exercise and helps participants (and their personal coaches) stay on track.

Web Site Launched
Saint Agnes tapped Vitamin to design the smarthealth™ web site, which launched in mid-August. The working relationship was such a success that the hospital has also retained us to design and develop its new main web site for In conjunction with the new main web site, Vitamin will provide search engine marketing, search engine optimization and brand positioning services.

A Time of Change
The overhaul comes at a time of exciting change for Saint Agnes, which is undergoing a major expansion that includes several new buildings and extensive renovations throughout the campus. The web site,, will reflect the hospital’s role as a recognized regional leader in orthopedic and spine, cardiovascular, cancer, women’s and children’s services, plastic and reconstructive surgery and the fight against obesity, and become an important healthcare resource for the community.

The new site, notes Vitamin COO Mike Karfakis, “will make everything much easier for visitors to find and will be much more specific about the extent of Saint Agnes’s services. We’re leveraging design and web usability to make the organization’s key messages compelling. The look and feel is clean, bright and welcoming.”

He notes the site will help position Saint Agnes as a major player in the Greater Baltimore healthcare market. Vitamin will also use certain online techniques to help improve usability, including:

  • A new a way-finding system to make pertinent content immediately available to an array of end users.
  • A new framework that is specifically designed to highlight the extent of Saint Agnes’s services.
  • Leveraging design, web usability, and key messages to make the new web site a user-centric experience that’s memorable, compelling, and content-focused.

About Saint Agnes
Saint Agnes Hospital was built by the Daughters of Charity and began meeting the health needs of the poor in 1862. Today, Saint Agnes Hospital, which operates under the umbrella of Saint Agnes HealthCare, is a full-service teaching hospital located in Southwest Baltimore, with residency programs in a number of medical and surgical specialties. Saint Agnes is a member of Ascension Health, the largest nonprofit health care organization in the nation. Ascension Health is dedicated to reaching new heights in health care and service to communities, as well as serving as a model for faith-based health care through the world.

You can see the full details of the Saint Agnes Hospital project here.

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