4 Ways We Made Our Own Website Even Better

By vitamin

As a web and PR agency, designing websites for our clients is a large component of what we do everyday. We recently redesigned our own website so that our web presence was more modern, exemplary of our uniqueness in the marketplace and a stronger representation of the Vitamin brand.

Here are four things we did to revamp our website:

1. We put more emphasis on our brand voice and company culture

These days, so many websites focus solely on selling a service or product. Our new website showcases who we are. Through fun copy, new professional photography of our studio, and interesting case studies, our new site shares our brand personality, our team, our unique studio space and our services. Through internal conversations and conversations with clients, we found new ways to articulate who Vitamin is and how we’re different from other agencies.

2. We simplified our portfolio

That’s right, we actually removed work from our online portfolio and started showcasing only the most recent and most standout work. This allowed us to highlight unique client projects and talk about each of those projects in-depth – ultimately, adding more value to the portfolio overall.

3. We increased our client testimonials

At Vitamin, we spend a lot of time and effort cultivating strong relationships with our clients, understanding their businesses and providing them with strategic marketing solutions. We constantly get positive feedback from our clients, but we rarely ever shared them publicly. On our new website, we’ve floated client quotes and commentary throughout our site so that new business leads can hear firsthand the level of service we bring to the table.

4. We highlighted different brand colors

Vitamin has a unique array of brand colors. And while we were not interested in straying from our existing brand guidelines, we were interested in making our site appear more modern and colorful. We decided to highlight our secondary and tertiary colors (blue, yellow and orange) on the site. This kept our new site on brand but gave it a brighter look and feel.

We have designed hundreds of high performing websites for clients in a variety of industries. Are you interested in stepping your web presence up a notch? Contact us at info@vitaminisgood.com.

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