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TAI Engineering is an engineering, management and technical services firm built on 30-plus years of dedication to the success of their clients’ projects. They pride themselves on the ability to service a project from scope development and conceptual design all the way through to completed construction. Their clients can expect consistency, efficiency and quality at every stage of the project lifecycle.


TAI had yet to formally market itself on the web. With the competitive landscape growing, a partner transition in sight but still years away, and the need to continually recruit seasoned talent, the company needed to establish a digital presence that effectively communicated their brand history while also working to drive new business leads.


Vitamin began the process through an in-depth interview sessions of the firm’s leadership team. We drafted and finalized content for the About section, Services sections, and Careers sections. Included were two days of photo shoots to capture uniform photography of the staff used in both the About section and the Careers section. Vitamin also interviewed key staff to tell their stories so that potential new hires could gain a feel for what working at TAI would be like both from a day-to-day and career-development standpoint.


The TAI website generated an average of three qualified leads per month for new business and ranks high in search for keywords related to TAI’s industries served and projects within their skill set/portfolio. Without any advertising or ongoing marketing pushes, the website generated $150,000 in new business in the first six months it was live through inbound lead generation.

Delivering Both Recruitment & Leads

The new TAI website is a top performer in the industry for career recruitment with the Meet the Staff and Positions Available pages being among the most frequently visited sections of the website.

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