Vitamin Launches 70th Anniversary Campaign for Ellin & Tucker

June 20, 2016
Ellin & Tucker 70 Years ad campaign

Vitamin® the web and public relations agency, announced today that it has launched a new advertising campaign for its client Ellin & Tucker, a top 10 mid-Atlantic public accounting and business consulting firm. The campaign, “A Little Too Honest”, highlights the accounting firm’s unique values and its unwavering commitment to open communication and honest accounting. The ads will run throughout the year in celebration of Ellin & Tucker’s 70th anniversary.

“It’s not often that an accounting firm is able to stay independent and successful for as long as we have,” said Ed Brake, managing director of Ellin & Tucker. “Maintaining our independence over the last 70 years is what has allowed us to continue providing such honest, straight-forward and sound advice to our clients. That’s why the ‘A Little Too Honest’ campaign Vitamin developed felt like the perfect way to acknowledge our 70th anniversary and reaffirm our commitment to developing honest, trustworthy partnerships. We’re looking forward to rolling out the rest of the campaign throughout the year.”

“A Little Too Honest” is a series of seven print ads that will run in the Baltimore Business Journal. Using a sarcastic and humorous tone, each ad features a brutally honest headline and highlights a key characteristic that differentiates the firm from other accounting firms. The ads were designed to capture readers’ attention through bold imagery and compelling copy, while elevating Ellin & Tucker’s status as a top 10 mid-Atlantic accounting firm and employer.

“This ad campaign is going to turn heads, spark conversation and make an impact throughout the business community – and that’s exactly what we want it to do,” said Amanda Karfakis, president and CEO of Vitamin. “In the spirit of celebrating Ellin & Tucker’s 70th anniversary, the campaign is celebratory and drives home the key brand messages on which the firm has built its legacy.”

Vitamin handled the ad buy and creative for the campaign. In addition to the print ads, Vitamin also designed social media teaser images to generate buzz and excitement around each of the seven ads.

About Vitamin®
Vitamin®, the “Cure for the Common Brand®,” is the first boutique web and public relations agency in the mid-Atlantic to integrate print, web design and public relations under one roof.  Focused on nourishing brands using best industry practices, Vitamin offers an all-in-house approach to integrated marketing communications. Vitamin’s client list includes regional and national brands across diverse fields, including healthcare / human servicesbuilt industry, financial / banking services, education, retail, nonprofit and specialized search/staffing. Vitamin is certified MBE/DBE by the Maryland Department of Transportation.

About Ellin & Tucker
Founded in 1946, Ellin & Tucker ( is a leading CPA firm headquartered in Baltimore, Md. that specializes in accounting, auditing, consulting, forensics and valuation and tax services. As the fifth largest accounting firm in Greater Baltimore, Ellin & Tucker employs more than 120 people in offices across Baltimore City, Belcamp, Frederick and Washington D.C. and serves national and international clients through its affiliation with DFK International/USA, a top 10 international association of independent, full-service accounting firms and business advisors in major geographic and economic centers throughout the U.S. and around the world.