New Trademark App Grants Photographers Copyright Ability

By vitamin

From posting photos during your weekend trip to posting photos of what you had for lunch, we sure do love sharing snapshots of our lives on various social media sites. As easy as social media makes it to share our lives through imagery, it also makes it just as easy for others to steal your photos and use them as their own. One photojournalist by the name of John McHugh had enough so he released Marksta, a photo app that allows iPhone users to install personalized watermarks of text or logo into photos before posting to social media. Though its fairly new, already its been voted as the app of the week by ABC News.

We were curious so we downloaded the app for $1.99 to test the sucker out. It’s an interesting app that after a good amount of testing is pretty simple to navigate through. So if you want to protect the photos you share with your community, give it a try.

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