Labor Day Done Right

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On the first Monday in September the entire country observes Labor Day, a holiday dedicated to the achievements of American workers, where we’re all rewarded with a day off. So what do we typically do? Catch up on emails, watch old TV shows and wish our bills would go away. And while that’s all great, it might also be fulfilling to truly get into the Labor Day spirit. Here are some fun suggestions for living it up Labor Day style:

  1. Visit your first job. What better way to commemorate your own hard work, then to revisit the place where you earned your first paycheck. Was it a popular restaurant, an auto body shop, a local office? Either way, it will be nice to see how the company has changed, say hi to old co-workers that have stuck around and reminisce over the fun (or funny) memories.
  2. Volunteer. This country was founded on hard work and prosperity, but in the current economy some people are working hard and still struggling. Help out by volunteering at a local charity, or donating your extra canned goods to a nearby food bank or family in need.
  3. Splash around. Enjoy the remaining summer days while you can and head to the pool with your friends and family. After working hard all year, everyone deserves a break and some fun in the sun.
  4. Learn U.S. money. They say a penny saved is a penny earned, but how many of you actually know which former U.S. president is on the penny? Take some time out of the day to learn who’s on American coins and dollars. Have some fun with it and quiz your family to see who knows money best.
  5. Be patriotic. Whether you’re making patriotic decorations, hanging the American flag at your house or just wearing red white and blue – it’s nice to publicly display your appreciation for your country.

So how will you get into the Labor Day spirit?

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