How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

By Alex Rebele
Standing Out in the Marketplace

With a plethora of new products and services saturating your market space and shouting for people’s attention, how do you make sure your brand is noticed?

A brand that remains true to its roots is a breath of fresh air in a world overwhelmed by fads and trends, so tell an authentic story that will stand the test of time.

Here are some key factors that form the foundation of a sturdy brand:

1. Consistency

Building a recognizable brand requires consistency. Recognition comes through repetition. Your digital and print presence and brand voice must all be streamlined. This is also where brand guidelines come into play. Guidelines will ensure the longevity and consistency of design elements such as color, fonts, photography, logo use and copywriting tone.

2. Real Content and a Real Story

Coming across as “human” through the digital interface can feel challenging, but with well-written content and a compelling story that shows who your company is, you have the ability to develop deep connections with your audience. It’s important to show that what you provide is more than a product or service. Through video, employee profiles, customer testimonials and other unique content, you can showcase who and what drives your company.

Telling your story is equally essential. It tells your audience of the work put into creating a fantastic product or service, why it’s important and why it’s trustworthy. Uniting all of these elements will give your brand a real face that people can relate to.

3. Commercial Design vs. Craft Design

The choice between commercial design and craft design becomes clear when you recognize the type of audience you’re trying to reach. When designing for a broader audience, following good design principles with clean and bold elements that appeal to a greater quantity of people will go a long way. If you’re aiming to reach a more niche group, you have room to experiment and take risks that lean more toward craft design. 

4. Design for Your Audience, Not Everyone

Building upon the commercial vs. craft design, it’s important to recognize the nuances of your specific audience. It may be tempting to appease everyone in an effort to reach the most consumers, but to do so may dilute your brand and your message. It’s important to focus on a target audience and really get to know them. With proper demographic and psychographic information you can design a dialed-in brand with a refined personality.

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