Holiday Gift Ideas

By vitamin

According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers plan to cut their holiday spending this year. If you’re included in that group, have no fear; we’ve compiled a list of some great holiday gift ideas to help you plan ahead.

For your clients:

A simple, thoughtful holiday gift is the perfect way to show your clients that you care. Didn’t give thanks on Turkey Day? That’s okay, you can start the New Year off right with a special present. Need some ideas? Check out this wine promotion and packaging gift we created for Cathedral Stone Products’ clients and this cupcake package we sent to our clients a few years’ back.

For your boss:

If you know a little something about your boss’s interests outside of work consider getting a simple gift in line with his or her passion points. Have an artist-by-night manager? Try an engraved paintbrush. Does the CEO have a serious sweet tooth? Leave a nicely packaged box of Godiva chocolates on her desk. If you’re not too close with your boss, you can’t go wrong with professional items. Check out this list of ideas from Forbes.

For your employees:

Thinking about just tossing some cookies and snacks in the break room? Think again. Consider an office happy hour, a holiday bonus or an extra couple of days off. Your employees will come back to work refreshed and ready to get down to business.

For your significant other:

Experiences are great gifts and awesome ways to reconnect and make new memories. Try a couples massage, a day of wine tasting at a nearby vineyard, tickets to see your partner’s favorite artist in concert, an at-home couples cooking lesson with a professional chef or a trip to your significant other’s dream vacation spot. Shopping on a small budget? LivingSocial and Groupon can help you find unique activities at good prices.

For your kids and grandkids:

With kids, it’s simple — get them what they ask for. It’s usually the hottest toy (like Anki Drive), the newest gadget (like Apple’s new iPad Air) or the fiercest fashion.

Is your child an adult? They can be a little harder to shop for. Consider gifts that will help them in their everyday lives, like daycare services, a year’s worth of oil changes or the start of a college fund for your grandchild.

For your pet:

That’s right! You can’t forget about your loyal companions! Have a dog? They’ll be drooling for a Bully Stick. For cats, catnip is always a sure bet. And if you’ve got fish, check out this modern fish hotel. As long as you choose something fun and useful, and your pet is sure to have a happy holiday.

For yourself:

Did you know the iPhone 5 is still available at Wal-Mart for a mere $29 with an AT&T or Verizon contract? If you’ve been looking to upgrade from your outdated Nokia, this might be the holiday deal for you. Not interested in a new gadget? Consider purchasing a relaxing spa day for yourself, buying a flashy new get up for New Year’s Eve or purchasing tickets to a touring Broadway show coming to your city.

See something on this list you like? Snatch it up quick – deals are going fast. Happy shopping, friends!

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