Healthcare Organizations: Are You Engaging Strategically on Twitter?

By Kendall Bair

Twitter can be an intimidating tool for healthcare organizations — especially without a social media strategy in place for content development and engagement.

Are you ready to dive into Twitter in smart, strategic and effective ways? Here are three key tips for keeping Twitter engagement simple and straightforward for your organization.

Lean on a hit list

Determine ahead of time who you want to engage with on Twitter to make the task much less daunting. We refer to this group of target audiences as a Twitter “hit list.” As a healthcare organization, it is safe to assume that your hit list will include accounts such as:

  • Existing and potential partner organizations
  • Relevant government and nonprofit organizations
  • Local healthcare reporters
  • National healthcare reporters

While you can (and should) still engage with people outside of your hit list (such as patients who proactively reach out to you and other relevant organizations sharing interesting content), developing and using the list will allow you to engage on Twitter more efficiently by strategically engaging in conversations with partners and people of value.

Pay attention to peak times

One of the biggest barriers to effective engagement on Twitter is time — especially for healthcare organizations. The best way to get the most out of your time on Twitter each week, is to focus on posting and engaging during peak times — this tends to lead to an increased level of activity on the platform. Hootsuite, a social media management platform, reports that the best time to be on Twitter is 3:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Focus on quality, not quantity

While engaging on Twitter is important, the key is providing quality engagement. The goal is not to proactively engage with every single relevant brand, organization or person that your healthcare organization is affiliated with, but rather to provide thoughtful, high quality content on an ongoing basis. Think quality, not quantity, and you’ll quickly see how much more manageable engaging on Twitter can be.

Is your healthcare organization active on Twitter? Tell us how it’s going in the comment section below!

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