Vitamin Holiday Gifts Featured in Print Magazine

October 20, 2014

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means creative gift giving to clients and key stakeholders is a must for every company that values its business relationships.

With that in mind, Print Magazine featured seven creative holiday projects, with Vitamin’s most recent client holiday gift highlighted as the main feature on the site’s homepage.

To celebrate the New Year, Vitamin created a fun “Year of the Workhorse” themed gift box, complete with a sleek design and quirky copy, playing on the fact that 2014 is the “Year of the Horse” according to the traditional Chinese calendar. Gourmet coffee and hot chocolate were gifted to clients to “boost performance” and “enhance motivation” in the New Year. The entire package was designed, printed and assembled in-house. And the workhorse mentality was interspersed throughout the packaging, as design inspiration came from mechanical instruments, vintage manuals and industrial iconography.

Each box was assembled by hand, complete with three different design pieces that were printed, scored, trimmed and adhered. A total of 50 packages were shipped to clients from Vitamin’s Baltimore office, spreading merriment and warm wishes for the New Year.

Check out the project featured on Print Magazine’s blog.