Charmed Magazine WordPress Customization

By vitamin

Charmed Magazine is a new, complimentary, bi-monthly lifestyle publication focused on all things Baltimore. It launched a couple months ago and Vitamin designed the online presence for the publication.

We chose to implement a WordPress solution for Charmed due to the vast amount of flexibility the application offers. WordPress is a great, open-source product that businesses can leverage to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to building custom, content-managed, viral, web solutions. Since WordPress is open-source, our clients never have to pay for the application or its functionality. Instead, budgets are used only for customization of the look/feel.

Specifically, Charmed Magazine can publish in “post” fashion meaning there is a running archive (with most recent article appearing at the top of the archive) and the ability for users to register, comment, and make posts viral through RSS subscription.

Most importantly, Word Press has allowed Charmed to gain a look/feel that is 100% custom while also allowing the ability to manage all content and user-submitted comments through Word Press’ built in moderator’s admin. At the end of the day, Charmed Magazine was able to take advantage of an affordable, yet custom, solution without sacrificing design, development, and functionality.

This new web site enables a direct dialogue between the magazine and its readers. Readers can to comment on articles, providing insight to their likes and dislikes. This type of user-submitted content is paramount when it comes to building a social network.

As we continue to see the printed medium struggle, applications like WordPress create a ready-to-go environment for publications like Charmed Magazine to immediately shift to an “online only” focus. After all, a magazine’s main revenue stream is paid advertising. And WordPress even has a plugin for managing online advertising including ad rotators, frequency, creative, and reporting. All built for free and ready to download and customize. Pretty sweet, right?

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