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3 Ways to Screw Up a Social Media Contest

Social media contests can be a great way to promote your brand, increase engagement and attract followers on social media. If run properly, followers get the chance to win a cool prize, and you get to amp up your social media presence. If run improperly, however, social media contests can really screw up your company’s…

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This Phone Case Lets You Print Photos Instantly — Without Ink!

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, is known for fostering creativity and giving entrepreneurs a chance to bring their novel ideas to life with access to online investors. We can’t contain our excitement about one particular project that Engadget says is “the greatest thing to happen to mobile photography since Instagram.” In fact, the project has already exceeded its…

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3 Things You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn

If you have a presence on LinkedIn, that’s great. But that’s only the first step to maximizing your efforts on the professional social network. The next and most important step is to take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer. Here are three things every company should be doing on LinkedIn. 1.     Posting in Groups…

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4 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Content Marketing

“Content marketing” has been a popular industry term for quite some time now. It’s also proven to be a successful means of communication for both B2C and B2B companies. So why aren’t marketers everywhere implementing it? If you’ve been slacking on your content marketing, below are four compelling reasons to buckle down and make it…

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So Your B2B Video Didn’t Go Viral: 4 Ways to Boost Views

After months of planning, production and editing, your B2B company’s video has finally launched – but the results aren’t what you were expecting. It’s easy to get discouraged. However, getting a video to go “viral” is an extremely difficult feat – it requires a perfect mix of creativity, strategy, smart targeting and really compelling content….

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Combating the Decline of Facebook’s Organic Reach

Everyone’s panties are in a bunch this year because Facebook’s organic reach has been decreasing at a rapid pace since the fall of 2013. That means companies now have to pay for their content to reach their Facebook fans. Why? Because as people connect with more friends and brands on Facebook, each user is set…

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Alaz Does Not Approve: When Hashtags Attack

Social media disasters are becoming a regular occurrence these days. Like a car crash on the highway, we can’t help rubbernecking (and in my case, howling at the sirens), before moving on with our lives. Many brands are quickly learning that while Twitter is a great tool to disseminate breaking news, discuss live events or…