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Traveling Made Easy

Photos courtesy of Kaleidoscope Adventures Looking to plan one last hurrah before the summer ends? These new travel sites are sure to help you create the vacation of your dreams. Routehappy We all know about the sites that help you book affordable travel. But what about something that will help you book comfortable travel? It’s…

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Gender Marketing Stereotypes Abound

Image courtesy of It’s no secret that women don’t feel like advertisers understand them. But it isn’t just women who are constantly misrepresented in marketing. Men, too, are put into stereotypical categories that aren’t always accurate and are oftentimes offensive. Take a look at this list of the most frustrating gender marketing stereotypes. FEMALE…

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Vitamin’s List of Favorite Mobile Apps

Image courtesy of We admit it, we’re addicted to our phones and it’s partially because of all the cool applications available to entertain us and help us organize our lives. We’re always searching for great new apps to download but we sometimes have trouble finding ones that are both practical and simple to use….

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Play Like a Raven And Celebrate Like One Too

We did it! The Ravens won the Super Bowl and two Vitamin employees survived the craziness of the Victory Parade. The day started like any other, answering client emails and chatting about upcoming projects. Our office was buzzing with anticipation of the Ravens Victory Parade so Mike told the team to go out and celebrate. Two…

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Mini Flights of Fancy

Over the past few weeks in the Vitamin studio, a new sound has become a fixture in the typical studio soundtrack of chillwave mixed with the occasional outburst from the burr grinder—the electric whir of mini RC helicopter blades. On a whim (meant to read: on a direct order), Mike had each member of the…