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The Great Grilled Cheese Off

With summer winding down, we wanted to give a warm sendoff to one of our favorite seasons by celebrating the perfect midday summer snack; an easy-to-make ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwich. So for our cook-off competition, the Great Grilled Cheese Off, each team member was put to the test to make the best grilled cheese sandwich. In typical Vitamin style…

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5 Last Minute Office Pranks

The clock is ticking. It’s the final hours to put together that last ditch effort to one-up that co-worker who always seems to pull off flawless pranks year after year on April Fools Day. To help you out we put together a list of 5 easy pranks that don’t take 6 months of planning to…

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5 Tips For Working With Designers

Designers can be a finicky bunch. Always up on the latest Apple products, busting on people for their selection of Comic Sans as a useable font and yapping about how Powerpoint is the bane of their existence. The Vitamin creative team put together five quick tips for navigating a smooth client-designer relationship. 1.)  Don’t Expect…

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14 Ways to Kick Off 2014

Photo courtesy of Matt Sinclair Done with the raucous partying but tired of sitting at home, doing nothing to bring in the New Year? Check out these 14 interesting ways to bring in 2014. In the year of DIY, spending New Year’s Eve cataloging your 2013 memories could be a lot of fun. Host a…

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Holiday Gift Ideas

According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers plan to cut their holiday spending this year. If you’re included in that group, have no fear; we’ve compiled a list of some great holiday gift ideas to help you plan ahead. For your clients: A simple, thoughtful holiday gift is the perfect way to show your clients…

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The Inside Scoop on Black Friday

Photo courtesy of CentriKid Preparing to do your holiday shopping on Black Friday? Here are 5 things you need to know: Black Friday has seeped into Thursday. That’s right, an increasing number of stores will be open with holiday sales on Thanksgiving Day. So if you can steal away from your turkey dinners for a…

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Banksy’s Graffiti Takeover: Art or Vandalism?

If I were to go out on the street and ask 100 people whether or not the Mona Lisa was art, I’d bet my monthly college loan payment that I’d have at least 99 “yes’s”, with the possibility of one, maybe two lackadaisical “I-don’t-knows”. Now, what if someone paints a perfect replica of the Mona…

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Labor Day Done Right

Image Courtesy of On the first Monday in September the entire country observes Labor Day, a holiday dedicated to the achievements of American workers, where we’re all rewarded with a day off. So what do we typically do? Catch up on emails, watch old TV shows and wish our bills would go away. And…

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