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5 Last Minute Office Pranks

The clock is ticking. It’s the final hours to put together that last ditch effort to one-up that co-worker who always seems to pull off flawless pranks year after year on April Fools Day. To help you out we put together a list of 5 easy pranks that don’t take 6 months of planning to…

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5 Tips For Working With Designers

Designers can be a finicky bunch. Always up on the latest Apple products, busting on people for their selection of Comic Sans as a useable font and yapping about how Powerpoint is the bane of their existence. The Vitamin creative team put together five quick tips for navigating a smooth client-designer relationship. 1.)  Don’t Expect…

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Say Goodbye to the Adobe Creative Suite

Most, if not all design and advertising firms religiously use the the Adobe Creative Suite in their day-today operations, and most, if not all of these companies will at some point upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Creative Suite. Sure, some of them may sit on a perfectly good, older version for a…

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Amex Tweet-to-Buy

Attention American Express cardmembers, you are in for a tweet–oops—I mean treat. Starting this week, card members will be able to instantly purchase items from retailers such as Amazon, Sony, Xbox and more by simply tweeting #hashtags. The new “social commerce experience” makes use of American Express’ proprietary Card Sync technology, which allows members who…

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Facebook: Best Days to Post

Ready to get more social with your brand? Ragan’s PR Daily recently shared this useful infographic that outlines best practices for Facebook posting. This handy guide will help determine when you should be posting to social media and what to expect from your fans once it’s posted. Great content on social media isn’t that effective…

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Sonic Branding Defined

You know that noise an Apple computer makes when it starts up? That glorious symphonic chime? Every Apple computer has it. This is a shining example of “sonic branding.” That single sound alone tells everyone around you that there is an Apple computer near by, and they never even have to see it. Now AT&T…

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Lexus Print Ad Comes to Life

Remember when your mind was blown by the cover of Esquire’s 75th Anniversary issue (the one with the animated e-ink display)? Well, get ready to clean your brains off the screen after your mind gets blown yet again, this time by a Lexus ad that uses CinePrint™ technology combined with a bit of clever video mapping. As…

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