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Q&A With Anita Kassof

Background Name / Title: Anita Kassof, Executive Director at the Baltimore Museum of Industry First job: My first museum job was at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. when a lot of the holocaust survivors were first confronting their past after coming to this country. I felt extremely privileged to be dealing…

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Q&A With Amanda Rodriguez

Background Name / Title: Amanda Rodriguez, blogger, founder of DudeMom ( First job: At 14 my dad got me a job as a receptionist at an alcohol and drug addiction counseling center. I literally never did drugs because of that experience. Well played, Dad. Well played. Best advice for busy moms: Don’t sweat the small stuff….

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Q&A With Trif Alatzas

Background Name / Title: Trif Alatzas (@trifalatzas), Senior Vice President, Executive Editor of The Baltimore Sun Media Group First job: I washed dishes at my parents’ restaurant when I was about 8 years old. I had to stand on an overturned milk crate to reach the sink. I learned to work hard and to make…

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Q&A with Disabled Veteran, Kendrick Cross, at RMF Engineering

Background Name:  Kendrick Cross Title: Project Designer Branch of military service / rank:  Army / E4 (Corporal) Hometown: Hagerstown, Indiana Favorite Pastimes:  NASCAR and attending our local short track, fishing, music, woodworking  ————————————————————— Veteran’s Day is coming up and we wanted to take time to honor one of our client’s veteran employees. We reached out…

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Q&A with Cara Joyce, Owner of Urban Pirates

Background Name / Title: Cara Joyce, CEO, Urban Pirates First job: I delivered newspapers around my neighborhood as a kid and I worked at The Kite Loft at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore. Best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: Seek advice, do your homework and ask a lot of questions. Make sure your business has a fresh look, keep your…

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Q&A with Ed Brake at Ellin & Tucker

We were lucky enough this month to spend quality time sitting down with Ed Brake, Managing Director of the Baltimore-based CPA firm Ellin & Tucker. Since taking over the management of the firm in 1990, Ed has more than doubled its client portfolio and its staff. A dedicated family man, Ed is also an active…

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Q&A with Steve Ziger at Ziger/Snead Architects

Background I am a founding partner of Ziger/Snead Architects where I oversee maintaining the highest standard of design excellence for the firm’s cultural and institutional projects. Several years ago, Senator Catherine Pugh asked what I and others, including MICA President Fred Lazarus, thought about a Fashion High school in Baltimore City. Through this and other…

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Q&A with Artist Dan Keplinger

When you meet an exceptional artist it’s natural to want to pick his or her creative brain. So we interviewed Dan Keplinger, a one-of-a-kind artist fighting the ongoing battle with Cerebral Palsy. Dan Keplinger lets us into his unique artistic journey through a fun interview that was nothing short of inspiring. Background Hometown: Parkville/Towson, Maryland…

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Top 7 Marketing Questions Answered

1. What will the ROI be on our rebranding / web initiative? ROI in marketing can be most effectively measured when a company is selling products online or through direct marketing. With products, you can directly tie dollars spent to widgets sold. When it comes to the sales and marketing of services, measuring ROI is…