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Media Training 101: What It Is and Why You Need It

Media relations should be a key component of every company’s overall marketing and communications strategy. Why? Because earning positive and compelling coverage in your targeted, top tier media outlets keeps your company top-of-mind, allows you to share brand messaging and positions your business as a valuable resource. One of the key components to successful media…

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Four Reasons to Embrace Digital Media

The media have historically always shared news through traditional platforms such as print, television and radio. But in our increasingly digital age, the media is quickly embracing digital mediums (such as social media, blogs and apps) as valuable ways to share their stories. While many clients tell us that their goal is to be featured…

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Earning Media Coverage: 4 Ways to Make it Newsworthy

The media is always looking for the next big story – something that is going to capture the attention of their audience and keep them coming back for more information. And there is always one question reporters ask when trying to decide if your pitch is worth pursuing: is it newsworthy? Now I know what…

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3 Takeaways from Our Coffee With Session

As public relations professionals, our job is to protect our clients and maintain good relationships with the media. But often times, we find ourselves in situations where those two things are at odds with each other. If a reporter is pushing to interview you or your client about a negative or controversial story, how do…

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What Makes a Good Human Interest Story

Human interest stories are typically about extraordinary people or ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. You may not realize it, but you read human interest stories all the time. From the hundreds of thousands of stories by Humans of New York to the heartwarming stories that air on Good Morning America, human interest pieces are everywhere…