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By Savannah Isner / Branding / Business

How ‘Millennial’ is Your Business?

Millennials — defined as anyone born between the early 1980s and early 2000s — are taking over the world and particularly, the business world. Currently, they are the largest generation in the workforce, surpassing Baby Boomers and Gen X. As you evaluate your work environment, you may notice that Millennials have a growing presence: whether…

By Kendall Bair / Business

3 Ways a Marketing Plan Can Be a Game-Changer

We’re already through the first quarter of 2017 — can you believe it? While most marketing executives set loose goals for the year, many forego the process of developing a formal marketing plan. A thorough marketing plan will create a unified focus for your company and can play a significant role in growing and /…

By Nikki Bracy / Business

4 Things to Remember this Planning Season

Planning season is upon us. Ideally, you’ve already started preparing your major initiatives for 2016 and are just putting on the finishing touches. But many companies are currently playing catch up. Here is a list of four things that tend to slip through the cracks during planning season, but need to stay top of mind:…

By Amanda Guagliardo / Business / Fun

3 Reasons Why You Need an Office Dog

With Americans spending nearly one third of their day, five days a week, at work, business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce stress. While our office pup, Alaz, has been shedding all over Vitamin’s office since day one, more and more companies are integrating canine companions into their workplace –…

By vitamin / Branding / Business / Web Design

5 Reasons Responsive Websites Rule

Responsive design is the practice of designing and coding a website to function seamlessly across any device: mobile, tablet or desktop. As more and more users step away from their desktops and embrace the freedom that today’s mobile devices enable, ensuring a favorable experience seamlessly across any and all devices is the only way to design for today’s Internet. Here are…

By Nikki Bracy / Business / Fun

Offices to Envy

Creating collaborative workspaces is one of the biggest office design trends that business executives have latched onto in the past several years. We see it everyday at Vitamin with our own clients, many of whom operate in the built and commercial real estate industries. They are building, designing, selling and leasing unique and open office…

By Amanda Guagliardo / Business / Technology

Why Mobilegeddon Is Good For Small Businesses

It’s no secret that the world is going mobile. In January 2015 alone, mobile devices were responsible for 53% of 157 million online visits. Today, Google has officially begun rolling out its newest algorithm, which favors mobile-friendly websites, boosting their rankings in search engine results and penalizing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. The algorithm has been…

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