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Alaz Approves: Awesomesauce Oxford Dictionary Additions

With the recent wind down of the dog days of summer, our team at Vitamin got excited for the best end-of-summer event. And no, I’m not talking about those pumpkin spice latte things you humans freak out about. I’m talking about the official induction of new words to the English Oxford dictionary.  And this language-loving…

By Alaz / Alaz Approves

Alaz Approves: Doggie Masters of Social Media

Social media has given my canine friends some great PR over the last few years. I’m paying homage to my favorite online doggie superstars with a round up of the most media-savvy pups on the Web, starting with Tuna who’s dug up 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Tuna the Instagram Star OK cats, I…

By Alaz / Alaz Approves

Alaz Does Not Approve: The Selfie Brush

Yes, humans; the selfie brush is an actual thing. For the cost of two nice-sized dog bones ($20) – and your dignity – you can have a selfie brush of your own. It offers you the protection of an iPhone case, the convenience of a traveling beauty kit and the reassurance that your fur will…

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Alaz Does Not Approve: When Hashtags Attack

Social media disasters are becoming a regular occurrence these days. Like a car crash on the highway, we can’t help rubbernecking (and in my case, howling at the sirens), before moving on with our lives. Many brands are quickly learning that while Twitter is a great tool to disseminate breaking news, discuss live events or…

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Alaz Approves: Show Your Soft Side

There’s no better way to spend the new year than getting love from my owners and appreciating my happy home. That’s why my ears perked right up when I heard the neighborhood pups barking about the award-winning public service campaign, Show Your Soft Side, created to combat animal abuse in Baltimore. Research shows that kids…

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Alaz Approves Then vs. Now: Celebrity Transformations

We’re in the business of constant reinvention. And we put our paws together for celebrities who can keep themselves relevant without abandoning their core. But some celebrities have changed their brands so drastically throughout their careers that they almost feel like completely different people. Fetch this: my list of the most jaw-dropping, ear-scratching celebrity transformations…

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Alaz Does Not Approve: Social Media Freak-Outs

I understand that social media is a complicated, ever-changing beast, but the basics of customer relations haven’t changed in eons. Unfortunately, there are some brands out there that never got the memo and now, their social media blunders will go down in digital history. Take a look at the three most entertaining social media freak-outs…

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Alaz Approves: Songza

We are always on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to piping tunes into Vitamin’s studio. We’ve tried all of the popular internet radio services over recent years – Sirius, Pandora,, Slacker, and Spotify to name a few. The latest “jukebox” that is getting a lot of attention is Songza. We’ve been…

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